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Long Lasting

Quality made roof tiles will remain in its same mint condition for more than 50 years. Tile Roof Guys brings you quality made tiles for all your roofing needs. Our roofing experts add on to that to ensure quality installation and what results is quality roofing that is meant to last ages and withstands all weather and stress.



Tile roofing is the safest for the materials are non-combustible and resistant from rotting and insect damage. At Tile Roof Guys we are all about safety and that is why we offer quality tile roofs and roofing services for you.



Roofing tiles are certainly beautiful no matter where the roof design. Our roofing tiles have certain flair f color and design that no other roofing material exhibits. We have a variety of styles that our customers can choose from.

Call 888-559-3329 today and let us know what style you need, because we will deliver.

Energy Saving Roof

Our tile roofing is the best when it comes to temperature regulation. Installation of tile roofs involves the use of materials that are all insulates to prevent the adversity of weather in your house. So, join the green movement together with Tile Roof Guys with our variety of eco-friendly tile roofs.

Tile Roof Installation

At Tile Roof Guys quality is our first and foremost priority when it comes to roofing services. All details and technical work involved in tile roof installation cannot be missed a bit. We have qualified and experienced team of roofers who will deliver a quality job focused on each and every detail of the technical work and carry out the task to completion within the stipulated schedule. Seeking a new roof, re-roofing or renovation of your roof? Schedule with the best in the industry, call 888-559-3329 and we’ll have your roof covered safely.

No Leakage at All

Tile roofing technology has been used for centuries now because, unlike other roofing materials, the simple technology involved cannot leak at all. How do we make this possible? We focus on quality materials resistant to insect boring or any other physical stress and we organize and bind the tiles carefully and your roof will never leak. That saves you repair money and gives you confidence in your house even at the worst storms or physical conditions.

Color Choice

Get the best tiles roofing in the color you would like to with the variety of colorful and stylish tile options at Tile Roof Guys. With roof tiles, you can easily give your house the theme color you prefer without any limitations. What’s better is that our team will ensure the color pattern and finish remains as good as it can be.

Best Finishing

Give your roof the charming esthetic with our range of quality finish designs. Our special experts understand all about a durable and quality finish for your tile roof. There is a variety of finishing options for your tile roof that come in color, shade, surface and so much more. Give us a call 888-559-3329, and learn more about finishes and other services at Tile Roof Guys.


We are certain of the quality of our tiles and expert services and that is why we offer our customers the most comprehensive lifetime warranty that is transferable. Find out more about our product registration and warranty services on 888-559-3329.

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