About Us

Our History

Tile Roof Guys is the most trusted and innovative tile roofing company that has specialized in tile roofing for years now. Founded by a group of roofing experts inspired by quality roofing that can withstand adverse weather and last a lifetime, all our efforts technical and corporate have been quality oriented.


Roofing is more than the technical work. Workmanship is among our guiding principles at Tile Roof Guys and all tile roofing services get highly professional attention and the best expert approach to delivering the best to our customers. We treat every work with the attention it deserves.

Certified Quality Materials

All tile roofing materials at Tile Roof Guys are certified quality and tested for durability. You will only find original roof tile materials from the best manufacturers in the country and from across the world.

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Our Products

To give a chance for customer preference, we are stocked with a wide variety of roofing tiles for all roofing needs. We have several ranges of:

- Concrete Tiles

- Clay tiles

All the tiles range also come in different colors and designs.

Our Services

When it comes to tile roofing needs, we are unlimited. With decades of experience and quality workmanship in tile roofing, we offer unmatched services in:

- Installation

- Repair

- Re-roofing

- Maintenance and cleaning and so much more.

Custom Roofing Contractors

We are a reliable and adequate tile roofing contractors capable of handling all kinds of roofing needs. Regardless of the scale and amount of work involved, quality services remain at the core of our operations. Our expansive network and team will make it possible to have all your roofing needs met in time. From residential roofing to commercial tile roof installations, our capacity to deliver custom tile roofing is unmatched. With us, you get exactly what you want to be done expertly.

Talk to us 888-559-3329 for more information about our custom services.

Green Building Plan

The environment is the future and at Tile Roof Guys we acknowledge this fact. We have specialized in tile roofing and in material and design; we ensure that we deliver the most eco-friendly roofing. Our tile materials are certified biodegradable and the best for roofing with focus on the future of the green environment.

Free Consultation Services

In our efforts to give our customer the best tile roofing, we offer free consultations. With that, customers are free to reach our experts for advice and information not as an extension of our services but as an obligation we have taken. Customers deserve to know what is best for them and what they would need, and it is only at Tile Roof Guys that you can get this kind of valuable opportunities for all.

Contact Us

Do you have a query, need to schedule for your tile roofing or just need information about tile roofing? We have a dedicated team ready to inform you and respond to all your tile roofing needs promptly. Call us today on 888-559-3329 and talk to our experts one-on-one. We will be pleased to serve you.

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